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Protecting What
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Protecting your future

No matter what your objectives are:
• Building up an emergency fund
• Protecting your standard of living in retirement
• Making the most of your investment
• Funding for children's education
• Paying off your mortgage early

Your savings and retirement needs are all about protecting and planning for you and your family's future.

Retirement planning

We know talking about pensions won't get your pulse racing. And of course, you'd rather be living your life than worrying about your retirement.

But we also know that the sooner you deal with it, the better off you will become in your retirement. Today the State Pension is worth about €1000 a month. It's like a life boat: great in an emergency but you wouldn't want to cross the Atlantic in it!

  • We are living longer
  • The State is coming under increasing pressure to be able to provide a state pension
  • We are all going to have to work longer retirement age will soon be 68!!


MG Financial Solutions will take you through a five step process:

  1. Don't delay, start the retirement plan conversation today
  2. Work out how much you should be saving
  3. Earn valuable tax breaks as you save
  4. Investing in your pension
  5. Make sure your pension is flexible to change as your circumstances change


Savings and Investments

When starting a saving plan, it is vital "you begin with the end in mind", that you have a goal when you are saving.
We encourage our clients to think of short, medium and long term goals:

  • Short term – Build up an emergency fund
  • Medium term – Fund for children's education
  • Long term – Pay off your mortgage early or retire early

At MG Financial Solutions we will walk you through the savings and investment process ensuring you are in a plan that suits your attitude to risk and we will conduct annual reviews to make sure you are reaching your targets.

Sample cost of sending a child to school:



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