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Protecting your family

You cannot put a value on your family's life as it's so precious. The reality is that when something serious affects our health, it impacts on the emotional and financial aspects of our lives. The last thing any one of us need at a time like that is to have financial worries.
Protecting your family with life assurance is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Having the facts and understanding the options out there, means you can make an informed decision on what life insurance you and your family need, and hopefully bring peace of mind, knowing you've protected what's important to you.

MG Financial Solutions will be with you throughout the whole process from that first meeting where you outline how you want to protect your family to looking at the options putting a budget in place and being there to help with a claim.

But what does it cost?

We insure our cars, our holidays and sometimes even the family dog, but the very thing we may forget to insure is the most important of all – ourselves and our families. When it comes to buying our mobile phone, broadband and daily cup of coffee, we often buy these automatically. Take a look below to see how much we might spend every month on these things. Protecting your family is very affordable, this example is based on a Term Life plan with €150,000 of cover over a 20 year term for a man or woman, aged 40. Cost doesn't include indexation or conversion.


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